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Discover the beauty of gardens and parks in South Moravia, Vysocina and Lower Austria!



Discover the beauty of gardens and parks in South Moravia, Vysocina and Lower Austria!


of the gardens that you have to see

Discover the stories of the local gardens and parks and become a part of them. Enjoy, relax, taste, or take a sniff and delight your senses.


experience places

Excitement with the first spring flowers, happiness in a flood of sun rays, melancholy from the autumn mist and reconciliation when looking at the snow behind the window. Gardens play symphony of feelings.


gardens for the well-being of body

Make your trips more interesting by stopping in paradise. A stay in gardens and parks is proven to be beneficial for the health, and it also brings pleasure and inspiration. There are many reasons for including the gardens in your travel itinerary.


to the beauty of plant kingdom

Get to know the gardens and parks - in Bohemia, Moravia or Lower Austria. Often just a few minute drive from your homes, new experiences, unknown flavors and fresh ideas on how to improve your own garden, are waiting for you.

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Valtice Chateau

Jižní Morava

The park at Valtice stands in contrast to the park at Lednice – spatially dynamic, it features many elevations in the terrain and views of the landscape. Although it does not contain an abundance of species, the splendour of its composition makes a fine complement to the character of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. Lednice-Valtice area is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The Bauer brothers, world-renowned botanical artists, worked here.  

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Discover the beauty of our gardens and parks during our unique cultural events. Uncover their secrets, educate yourself with expert help, and learn to use herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Show garden Elisabeth Veen

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Lavender Farm

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Get to know our gardens and parks

Planning a day trip? Looking for inspiration? Then why not browse our virtual catalogue of gardens and parks in South Moravia, the Vysočina region and Lower Austria?


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