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Regional Museum in Mikulov – Chateau
Regional Museum in Mikulov – Chateau


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Regional Museum in Mikulov – Chateau

Zámecká zahrada

Zámek 1/4, 692 01 Mikulov - Show on Map

The chateau at Mikulov and its terraced gardens have a long and complicated history – from fortress to Renaissance residence and Baroque chateau to a time when they almost disappeared. As the chateau has exchanged one style for another, so, too, have the terraces of the gardens – on numerous occasions.

The first mention of a garden at the chateau at Mikulov dates to the late 16th/early 17th century. Subsequently, the garden developed from a formal parterre de broderie to a romantic arrangement typical of the 19th century. Until the end of the Second World War, it was a prestigious example of garden art. After the war, both chateau and garden fell into disrepair. A comprehensive restoration of the chateau and garden in the spirit of the Baroque was completed in 2015. The restoration of the chateau’s garden was led by Professor Ivan Otruba, one of the Czech Republic’s leading landscape designers.

In addition to the volute form and structure of the beds, the garden’s strong Baroque history is reflected in a new wooden construction reminiscent of the orangery built at the end of the 17th century by Ferdinand, Prince of Dietrichstein and the central fountain.   

A faithful copy of the garden’s great angled staircase has been built; again, the staircase connects the chateau (by a sala terrena) with the garden, a unique feature of the original. In the garden itself, the ornamental flower beds of the main parterre are counterbalanced by botanical and rose gardens. New features include elevated beds for the blind, a herb garden and a maze. In reference to the rocky steppeland of the Pavlov Hills, xerophytes are dotted about the garden in beds and special areas.

The restored Mikulov Chateau Garden has provided the monumental Baroque chateau with a splendid base.




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