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Steinschaler Natufaktur
Steinschaler Natufaktur


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Steinschaler Natufaktur

Ukázková přírodní zahrada, Tématická a zážitková zahrada, Užitková zahrada

Warth 20, 3203 Rabenstein, Rakousko - Show on Map

(c) Weinfranz

Steinschaler Nature Hotels unite coziness with local and regional food and drinks, nature right outside the door with modern conveniences in the rooms, resulting in the already quite widely appreciated Steinschaler hospitality. We, Annemarie and Johann Weiss, and all of the Steinschaler Team, are hosts from passion. We would like to invite you cordially to get to know us and our houses! The Steinschalerhof in Warth (Rabenstein) is a well-known and popular conference hotel close to St. Poelten, the provincial capital of Lower Austria. Our hotel has achieved a good reputation through its sophisticated Steinschaler cuisine that utilizes wild herbs from our very own gardens.

The Steinschalerhof complex is arranged around an old country house, the Vierkanthof, and is surrounded by nature, the Steinschaler Gardens and Ponds. In the course of time, a southern wing, the South Garden House, has been added to this building, also with much nature around. Our offer is complemented by garden and log houses, a sizeable earth cellar called the Mostinum and the apartment house Königswiese.

The Steinschaler Nature Gardens and Ponds are the fruits of our meanderings into permaculture and of our deliberate plan to have a lot of nature nearby. We consider this area to be so important that we have devoted a separate chapter to our gardens.

We are not offering you exotic flowers from greenhouses, but many almost forgotten, regional flowers, shrubs, trees and above all, wild herbs. Plants that in some places are regarded as infamous weeds are gently nourished in our garden beds and then also invited into our cuisine. The Steinschaler gardens go almost seamlessly over from the ornamental gardens created for those seeking relaxation into the production gardens for our own purposes.




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