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The garden where we let nature do its work

Many show and private gardens put visitors in the mood for gardening close to nature and show how their own natural gardens can become a paradise for man, animals and plants.
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The House of Liechtenstein – an aristocratic family from Central Europe

The origins of one of the oldest families in Central Europe may be traced to Styria-Lower Austria. Even though almost a third of Moravia belonged to them at one time, for seven hundred years their home was Valtice and the area around it, which they cultivated in the form of the cultural-natural landscape of the Lednice-Valtice area. This is an area
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Adventure in the Garden: When Children Bloom!

Play, experience adventure, experiment: for children, gardens are a small paradise. In show gardens, families with inquisitive children can find enough space and opportunities to experience nature with all the senses.
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Art in the garden

The garden is like an art gallery among the greenery: many show gardens are an attractive sightseeing stop for lovers of not only nature but also art. In their diversity, such works of art can stand comparison with those created by mother nature.
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