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Gardens of St Hildegard – SONNENTOR
Gardens of St Hildegard – SONNENTOR


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Gardens of St Hildegard – SONNENTOR

Tématická a zážitková zahrada, Ostatní

Příhon 943, 696 15 Čejkovice - Show on Map

Zahrada Sv. Hildegardy

We took our inspiration from the abbess Hildegard, a leading light of the late Middle Ages who had visionary views on how to lead a healthy life. The Gardens of St Hildegard are divided into a number of interesting parts – an aromatherapy garden, an ornamental zone for relaxation and a children’s educational area. In the aromatherapy garden and the ornamental zone for relaxation, you can enjoy a wide range of herbs and ornamental plants as you walk through the garden or sit on a shaded bench on our wheelchair-access terrace. 

The children’s educational area is divided into a number of themed beds, where children and adults alike can familiarize themselves with herbs and their uses. In the Herbal-bath Garden, you will learn about herbs we can use to prepare a relaxing herbal bath. The Spices Garden and the Edible Flowers Garden contain herbs and flowers that are a must in every kitchen where great meals are made. The Essential Oils Garden will teach you about the production of natural-fragrance oils, while the That’s Better Tea Garden contains herbs for various ailments. The St Hildegard Tea Garden contains herbs Hildegard herself liked to use. In the Imps Garden, you can learn about and taste small fruits.

The gardens provide access to Sunny Prospect, with views of the picturesque surroundings of Čejkovice. Here you can see and find about our honeybees, which we accommodate in our extensive roof garden planted with succulents such as houseleeks and stonecrops. In 2013, the Gardens of St Hildegard were awarded a ‘Wild Garden’ plaque.




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