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Adventure in the Garden: When Children Bloom!

Play, experience adventure, experiment: for children, gardens are a small paradise. In show gardens, families with inquisitive children can find enough space and opportunities to experience nature with all the senses.

The garden is here for playing in!

Some have brown hands from the soil, others have their trousers green from the grass: the show gardens of Lower Austria, the South Moravia Region and the Highlands Region of the Czech Republic are not only havens full of colourful flowers but also an excellent expanse of grass for playing and an adventure playground. Fearless, adorable scamps, little princesses, and great explorers can discover nature and uncover their own abilities playfully. Space for playing, rollicking and exploring nature can be found in each show garden. The big playgrounds are a sensation and children would love to spend most of the day there. Such can be found in the Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten (Kittenbereger Adventure Garden) in Schiltern, in the gardens Garten Tulln, or in the salaš Travičná. In addition to exercise, creativity can also be fostered, for example, when creating things from natural materials in the Museumsdorf Niedersulz or in the art workshops in the garden of the Kunstmuseum Waldviertel (Waldviertel Art Museum) in Schrems.


You can be curious!

Why do fireflies emit light? How many legs does the centipede have? Why do butterflies like nettles? In our show gardens, children will not only get answers to their interesting questions, they will also learn about nature in a playful way. Children are born discoverers who want to get to know their world with all their senses – gardens then make the ideal ‘classroom’. In the Garden of the Senses at the Cave of the Knights of Blanik, children learn about the interesting plants by smelling, touching and even listening to them. In the children’s educational garden Sonnentor Čejkovice, they can get to know different herbs and their use, while in the gardens of Tulln, children use a spade and a magnifying glass to examine the soil and use a ladle and a microscope to discover the creatures in the garden pond. Various show gardens also offer interesting interactive workshops for individual visitors, and also for schools and kindergartens.



The most social and entertaining opportunity to experience the show gardens is at the children’s celebrations and events that take place from spring to autumn. Examples of these are the imps spring biofestival at the Sonnentor in Sprögnitz, adventures for children in Garten Tulln, family festivals in the Kittenberger Adventure Gardens, the riddle rally in the park of sculptures of the Waldviertel Art Museum or the pumpkin festival in the Open Gardens in Brno.

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