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The garden where we let nature do its work

Many show and private gardens put visitors in the mood for gardening close to nature and show how their own natural gardens can become a paradise for man, animals and plants.

Every garden is a living organism in which we can experience the cycle of nature, transformation and development. Of course, the more in harmony we are with nature in looking after our garden, the more noticeable these developments are. With a few measures that support natural processes and protect resources (such as mulching or species variety) and with conscious use of natural garden elements (such as flowering lawns or hedges of wild shrubs), every garden can be transformed into a natural garden, in which people live in harmony with nature. In our show gardens and numerous private gardens that are managed in an eco-friendly way, you will see surprisingly large amount of elements of natural gardening and you will meet people who have lots of experience with ecological gardening and can give you tips for your own natural garden.


A great example

DIE GARTEN TULLN is known throughout Europe as a unique example of a ‘natural garden’. Its strict ecological care for its gardens has become an example for many other similar garden shows at home and abroad. More than 60 model gardens offer you the opportunity to experience at close quarters an ecologically conceived and maintained garden and gather ideas for your own. There are also a lot of courses, lectures and events on the theme of the natural garden.


Closeness to nature in a variety of forms

The public natural gardens in Lower Austria, the South Moravia Region and the Highlands Region are presented in very different forms. In Unterretzbach, village gardens have been created from the village square and the adjoining pre-gardens. The local people here manage them in a natural way according to tradition. In the natural garden of the Wachau Naturgarten in the village of Bacharnsdorf, old varieties of apricots grow in an environment left entirely to nature. In the areal of the Museum of South Moravian Villages of Southeast Moravia in Strážnice varieties of fruit trees and bushes that have disappeared from most of gardens in recent decades can grow wildly and naturally. Similarly, in the natural show garden Kamenná in Brno we can discover how to create a natural garden in an urban environment.


Private gardens open to the public

The fact that it is possible to combine beautifully landscaped and maintained gardens with nature can be verified by many private gardens that have been opened up to visitors. For example, Irmgard and Otto Hackl, in their garden in Mistelbach, show how natural and formal garden elements can complement each other. The show garden of Margita Stich in Böheimkirchen is a diversely planted romantic natural garden in the English country style. In the garden of Erika and Kurt Pascher in Neuriegers we can admire how to turn a typical Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) courtyard into an idyllic natural garden.

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