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Bučovice Chateau
Bučovice Chateau


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Bučovice Chateau

Zámecká zahrada

Zámek 1, 685 01 Bučovice - Show on Map

Státní zámek Bučovice

The geometric (formal) garden is in front of the chateau’s west façade. It originated between 1567 and 1575, as part of the walled-in grounds of the chateau. It was first mentioned in writing in 1613. The grounds as a whole testify to the original design of the chateau in the style of the late Italian Renaissance (palazzo in fortezza). They include a Renaissance-style garden, castle walls with bastions and a moat. Unlike most Renaissance chateaux in the Czech Republic, Bučovice is not a remodelling of an older residence such as a castle or fort. The basic principles behind the arrangement of the Renaissance garden lie in antiquity. They respect the rules of geometry and seek balance in structure, material and finiteness of space.

After 1772, the garden was portioned out into gardens for senior public officials. It was restored to the Renaissance style between 1961 and 1965. It is arranged in regular, geometric shapes and enclosed, along with the chateau building and its farm buildings, within castle walls with bastions at their corners. The garden is regular in shape and divided symmetrically into twenty fields whose geometric shapes are formed from hedges of hornbeam, box, cedar, crabapple and hazel. Where its paths intersect, there are four fountains; the main, largest fountain is at the centre of the composition. The four-winged, palatial chateau building sits around an inner courtyard dominated by a mannerist Bacchus fountain.   




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