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The garden is the best place to celebrate the coming of spring

23. 04. 2018

Have you noticed that nature has suddenly woken up? This year’s spring really kept us waiting, though, didn’t it? There was a fall of snow just a month ago, making it even more fascinating to watch nature’s rapid awakening from its winter sleep. It appears to be trying to make up for the delay occasioned by winter’s intransigence. Who wouldn’t be drawn out into the garden, at last to breathe in the fresh air of spring and with it a heavy dose of optimism? If you don’t have a garden of your own, no problem! The gardens of southern Moravia and Lower Austria will welcome you with open arms.  

Celebrating the moment

Nature dresses in its lushest, most beautiful greens in April. In towns, ornamental bushes and trees come into bloom, while orchards and banks of blackthorn colour the countryside white. This breath-taking spectacle lasts but a short time, so try not to miss it. Why not get out on your bike and celebrate spring with a picnic in the park, as they do in Japan? The flowering of the Japanese cherry is celebrated by the whole country. The fleeting beauty of cherry, apple and almond trees in bloom lasts but a few days, but if you don’t catch it, there’s no need for despair. There’s always something to admire in the garden.

A garden is made beautiful by ever-changing nature

Whether gardens of nobles’ palaces or modern gardens with Nature in the Garden (Příroda v zahradě/Natur im Garten) accreditation, true jewels of landscape architecture impress all year round and present us with something beautiful in every season. But this doesn’t happen in and of itself. Such a garden is designed by a landscape architect who has mastered the art of putting plants together to create the loveliest scenes and compositions. Such work demands familiarity with hundreds of flowers, trees and shrubs, plus knowledge of their seasons and colours, whether they are better suited to the sun or the shade, how much watering they need and which plant neighbours they will be on good or bad terms with.    

Why is a garden designer known as an architect?

In some countries, April is celebrated as the month of landscape architecture. What does the work of a landscape architect entail? Well, whereas an architect designs buildings, a landscape architect produces the plans for gardens and parks. Both seek to beautify and otherwise improve our living space, although they do so by different means. While architects build with inanimate materials such as concrete and brick, landscape architects work primarily with a live material, i.e. plant life. To prevent a little piece of paradise from becoming an impenetrable jungle, its plant life must be tended, shaped and guided over many years. The work of landscape architects and gardeners doesn’t end with the planting of the garden; it is just the beginning, in fact. For a work of beauty to emerge, great patience and constant care are required. The historic gardens we admire so much haven’t always looked as they do today. You can be sure that their originators and first owners would be envious of the full-grown trees we see in them now. Why not take advantage of spring to celebrate landscape architects by visiting some of their works?



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