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Moravian Karst House of Nature
Moravian Karst House of Nature


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Moravian Karst House of Nature


Suchdol 80, Vavřinec, okres Blansko - Show on Map

The exhibition at the Moravian Karst House of Nature tells the story of the landscape of the Moravian Karst, from the earliest geological developments to its current guise, in which humans are very much involved. The story has several parts. The ground floor invites you to take a journey back in time, all the way to the dawn of the planet, before returning you to the present day. It presents the geological history of the Moravian Karst, invites you to dive into a coral sea, allows you to investigate the evolution of karst phenomena and caves, introduces you to people from the distant past and shows you how they lived in caves. It familiarizes you with animals that live in caves, such as bats.

From cave-like spaces, lit dimly as though by carbide lamp, a spiral staircase will lead you out into the daylight, and the current natural world of the Moravian Karst. Here you will learn about the biotopes of the region, the evolution of the landscape and changes to it brought about by the involvement of humans. You can ‘engineer’ and project your own changes to the landscape. On a 3D desk, you will find an inexhaustible supply of maps showing places and phenomena of interest in the Moravian Karst which every tourist, cyclist, caver and explorer will be happy leaf through. The natural world as represented inside and the real nature of the outdoors are interconnected by large windows. After the demands of your explorations, you can visit the 3D cinema, switch on a film and just watch.





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