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Tugendhat Villa
Tugendhat Villa


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Tugendhat Villa

Tématická a zážitková zahrada, Ostatní

Černopolní 45, 613 00 Brno - Show on Map

Vila Tugendhat

The Tugendhat Villa is a building of exceptional architectural and artistic value, and its garden is an integral part of it. The garden does more than form a remarkable natural setting for the building – it is part of a single, unique complex of interior and exterior connections. At the time of its origination, the garden of the Tugendhat Villa formed a single territorial (not architectural) unit with the garden of the Löw-Beer Villa.

This exceptional natural setting, accentuated by a magnificent panorama of historical Brno, was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s architectural composition. The house, not least its main living space, was designed in respect of the views it afforded of the prominent features of the Brno skyline. In contrast with this, the garden is a wholly intimate space, into which views of the city hardly penetrate, so that nature is dominant. A major attribute of the garden was a vast grassy meadow with isolated vegetation in the spirit of betonte Leere (emphasized emptiness). All this was framed by the still-existing network of paths in the style of a 19th-century English landscaped park; the substance of the house appeared to ‘dissolve’ in a veil of climbing plants. The interconnection of building and vegetation culminated in the interior of a winter garden, which was directly connected to the main living space. Brno landscape architect Markéta Roderová-Müllerová played an important role in the design of the garden.

Renovation and restoration of the Tugendhat Villa in 2010–2012 included complex revitalization of the garden, which was preceded by a survey of historical sources and analysis of how the garden had evolved. A species composition of plants and technical elements was drawn up and the garden’s original spatial arrangement reconstructed.




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