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Park of Moravský Krumlov Chateau
Park of Moravský Krumlov Chateau


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Park of Moravský Krumlov Chateau


Zámecká 1, 672 01 Moravský Krumlov - Show on Map

Zámecký park Moravský Krumlov. Zdroj fotografie:

The chateau park, which extends over 12 ha, is home to many rare species of coniferous and deciduous trees (notably the black pine and the hybrid plane) and bushes (notably the alpine currant). The ‘Lower Chateau Park’ was established after a great flood in 1670. Not long afterwards, Eleonore, Princess of Schwarzenberg had a vaulted tunnel (which still exists today) built on the site of the original moat. It was Eleonore, too, who established the chateau’s English park, which was mostly enclosed by a wall. Various statuary was erected in the park, and ponds were established and stocked with goldfish. The large entrance gate of the lower chateau park, with its massive pillars, is classicist in character. The park was enlarged in 1910, at the time of Franz, Count Kinsky. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, part of the ravine was turned into a modern Alpine garden and flower garden. Between 2004 and 2006, the chateau park was renewed and restored at great cost; this work included the repair of the bridge over the ravine into the park. The park is a pleasant place in which to walk and relax, for locals and tourists alike.    




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